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David in car 

Hello friend,

I am David W. Cook, The Independent Candidate for D-8 NJ promoting Progress through UNITY, 

Campaigning for community representation over National Party Division - The people's Congressional office will mandate to ONLY deliver direct positive impact on local districts from now on, I will lead that charge from within or without.


  • Represent common will of the Majority of District 8 NJ residents:

2 hours Weekly virtual Q&A Live for active communication

No narrative/objective info from office 

Staff office with 80% Local Residents to mirror local wealth distribution 

Decrease office budget from average (18 person Staff avg annual cost $1.3m) 

  •   Actions "FOR" benefit of- No retaliatory acts or fight against Americans

United States of America- United in positive actions is the first step

Individually I will expose and confront, as a member of Congress the Constitution is mandate 

Local community Representation in Congress is "We the People"


 Local Community DIVISION by National Party Influence "Us vs Them"

You Choose  


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David W. Cook (Father/Friend/Son/Servant to others)
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